Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow Review

Blades USA Eagle 2 CrossbowThe fact that you are reading this review shows me that you’re very serious about crossbow’s and don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing just anything like so many others have. You want to be sure about your decision and that’s good. Well if you’re thinking about purchasing the Blades USA Eagle 2 you’ve come to the right place to get some general information on it.

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The Blades USA Eagle 2 is a 150 lb. draw crossbow that has a design similar to a rifle. It has a solid wooden stock and foregrip, which makes it very unique in a business where a lot of crossbows struggle to have some point of differentiation. Here is what users can expect to get with the package.

  • A crossbow string
  • Vibrating dampening pads
  • A plate that is steel compression
  • A retention screw and Allen key
  • 2x 14-inch aluminum crossbow arrows

Strong points for the Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow

One of the main things users are going to like about this crossbow would be the design. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as plain at all. It’s very unique and has been said to look like a Mossberg shotgun rather than a crossbow.

Users are going to appreciate just how accurate this crossbow is. If you’re shooting skills aren’t that good then this is going to be something that helps you either get better or hide the fact that your shooting isn’t so good. Don’t look at this as a bad thing. It’s actually very good. Not only is it accurate, but it’s very powerful.

This crossbow has a very solid wood stock and foregrip. Both of these serve to make it very study and attractive.

Weak points of the Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow

One of the weak points of this crossbow is that there is no bow stringer that comes with it.

This crossbow only comes with two arrows. Chances are you’ll require much more than this.

There is no warranty, which some people might really have a problem with seeing as how the investment is not so small.

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Accuracy and power

The Blades USA Eagle 2 has a draw weight of about 150 lbs and is able to fire 14” crossbow arrows at speeds of up to 250fps. This gives it a heck of a punch, with about 32 ft. lbs of kinetic energy.

As far as the accuracy goes it’s pretty good, especially when you factor in the inexpensive cost.

Design and safety

The design for the Blades USA Eagle 2 is pretty good, with the solid wood stock and foregrip. The rail as well as other parts of the stock are made of aluminum and are very solid.


You might still be on the fence when it comes to giving the Blades USA Eagle 2 crossbow a try, but if you do decide to give it a try I can assure you you won’t regret it. For the low price tag you are going to be getting a tool that will make you a better hunter and make your overall experiences outdoors more pleasant. The design alone makes it stand out from the competition. The price is just right, especially for those who are on a budget and want something inexpensive but at the same time of high quality. Even though it doesn’t have warranty coverage I still feel that this crossbow is a good option, especially for anyone who is just getting started with archery.

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