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Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow Review

Blades USA Eagle 2 CrossbowThe fact that you are reading this review shows me that you’re very serious about crossbow’s and don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing just anything like so many others have. You want to be sure about your decision and that’s good. Well if you’re thinking about purchasing the Blades USA Eagle 2 you’ve come to the right place to get some general information on it.

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The Blades USA Eagle 2 is a 150 lb. draw crossbow that has a design similar to a rifle. It has a solid wooden stock and foregrip, which makes it very unique in a business where a lot of crossbows struggle to have some point of differentiation. Here is what users can expect to get with the package.

  • A crossbow string
  • Vibrating dampening pads
  • A plate that is steel compression
  • A retention screw and Allen key
  • 2x 14-inch aluminum crossbow arrows

Strong points for the Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow

One of the main things users are going to like about this crossbow would be the design. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as plain at all. It’s very unique and has been said to look like a Mossberg shotgun rather than a crossbow.

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