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How To Make a Crossbow

How To Make A CrossbowThe Best Way To Make A Crossbow

So you want to make your very own crossbow. This page is going to act as resource for just how to do that. Having a homemade bow is pretty cool, and I have made a few myself.

If you just want to buy a really nice one, check out our buyer’s guide and reviews here, or just keep reading to learn the best way to build a crossbow.

Guide to Making Your Own Crossbow

1. Decide on the style that you want (click here to view styles)

  • Are you looking for old school?
  • Do you want to get medieval?
  • Are you looking for something new?
  • Are you actually looking to shoot real arrows?
  • Are you going to hunt with it?

2. Decide which way you want to learn.

  • There are quite a few blueprints online that will be useful if you like to learn this way (if you want to learn using video, just scroll down).

Crossbow Blueprints in Print

  • Here is a pdf of a June 1944 Popular Mechanics magazine that gives you directions to create a really nice crossbow. Even though this info is from the 40’s it is still quite detailed. This plan is for making a nice bow so plan on spending a little money with this one.
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