How To Make a Crossbow

How To Make A CrossbowThe Best Way To Make A Crossbow

So you want to make your very own crossbow. This page is going to act as resource for just how to do that. Having a homemade bow is pretty cool, and I have made a few myself.

If you just want to buy a really nice one, check out our buyer’s guide and reviews here, or just keep reading to learn the best way to build a crossbow.

Guide to Making Your Own Crossbow

1. Decide on the style that you want (click here to view styles)

  • Are you looking for old school?
  • Do you want to get medieval?
  • Are you looking for something new?
  • Are you actually looking to shoot real arrows?
  • Are you going to hunt with it?

2. Decide which way you want to learn.

  • There are quite a few blueprints online that will be useful if you like to learn this way (if you want to learn using video, just scroll down).
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Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Review

Serious hunters who use crossbows know that in order to be successful they need something that is really going to be precise as well as fast. There are a lot of popular options out there, but the most popular option might not be the most popular option for you. This is the way I was thinking when I was looking at the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit. It seemed to be a very popular option, but I wanted more than that.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

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You see as a seasoned hunter I want to make sure whatever tools I use are going to make me better. I don’t want to feel that I am going to be hindered in any way.

The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit eases any worries I might have had in this regard. The kit comes with everything a seasoned crossbow hunter like me or anyone else is going to need and all in a lightweight package.

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Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow Review

Blades USA Eagle 2 CrossbowThe fact that you are reading this review shows me that you’re very serious about crossbow’s and don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing just anything like so many others have. You want to be sure about your decision and that’s good. Well if you’re thinking about purchasing the Blades USA Eagle 2 you’ve come to the right place to get some general information on it.

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The Blades USA Eagle 2 is a 150 lb. draw crossbow that has a design similar to a rifle. It has a solid wooden stock and foregrip, which makes it very unique in a business where a lot of crossbows struggle to have some point of differentiation. Here is what users can expect to get with the package.

  • A crossbow string
  • Vibrating dampening pads
  • A plate that is steel compression
  • A retention screw and Allen key
  • 2x 14-inch aluminum crossbow arrows

Strong points for the Blades USA Eagle 2 Crossbow

One of the main things users are going to like about this crossbow would be the design. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as plain at all. It’s very unique and has been said to look like a Mossberg shotgun rather than a crossbow.

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Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 – 22-Inch Arrows and 4x32mm Scope)

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 – 22-Inch Arrows and 4x32mm Scope)

If you have been looking for crossbows on the market that are going to be a cut above the rest, then you might have noticed a few things. The majority of crossbows out there seem to be made to do a lot more than what you plan on using them for. Does this have to be a bad thing? No it doesn’t. But in most cases crossbows with a lot of bells and whistles only serve to get in the way of the true purpose you plan on using them for.

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow

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What crossbow enthusiasts want is something that will focus only on that, because it will be simple to use and will get the job done. That’s what people can expect with Quad 400. The Quad 400 would certainly quality as a powerhouse, but it’s made with only one primary outcome in mind and that would be getting you the best shot for the target you’re aiming it at.

How good is Quad 400 from it’s predecessor?

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Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3-20-Inch Arrows and 4x32mm Scope)

One of the things hunters must have if they are going to use a crossbow is a lot of power. Think about it for a second. In many cases the targets they are going to be hitting will be very fast and very strong. The targets will be able to get away very fast so hunters need to make sure they can not only get off a fast shot, but a powerful shot.

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There are a lot of crossbows out there that seem to focus on speed alone or just accuracy. Well this isn’t a bad thing,but a serious hunter needs the whole package.

And a lot of crossbows out there certainly would not qualify as being the whole package. In many cases they make you a worse shooter. None of this is going to be the case with the Barnett Penetrator Crossbow. Not only is it very fast and accurate, but it’s extremely powerful. It can make even the most mediocre shooter better.

Why the Barnett Penetrator Crossbow?

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Mk-180 Camo Crossbow Red / Green Dot Scope Package

Are you a serious hunter who likes to use crossbows in order to get the job done? How many crossbows do you think you’ve used in the past?

Chances are you’ve gone through several, but why do you think this is? I can come up with a few reasons. Maybe you purchased an inferior crossbow that didn’t last very long.

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It probably begin falling apart shortly after you got it. On top of this it didn’t help you to be a better hunter. Maybe you make the mistake of getting different options whenever they come out from an assortment of makers. Well you don’t have to do this. What you need is a crossbow that’s so good, so powerful, that you will never want to use another option again.

That’s what you’re going to get with the Mk-180 Camo Crossbow. One thing that makes this option so good is the fact that it makes hunting fun. Think about it. You have some hunters who are concerned about using a crossbow, because they believe it’s going to impact their ability to be effective. You have hunters who are accustomed to doing things a certain way and they don’t want anything to trip them up. Trust me when I tell you that no hunter wants to feel like they lost out on a kill because of the weapon they were using. Well none of that’s going to be a problem with the Mk-180 Camo Crossbow.

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Barnett Panzer V Crossbow Package

You not making a snap decision to purchase the first crossbow you came across online is a good thing. By reading this review you’re going to be able to make a wise and informed decision. Too many people purchase crossbows believing they are all the same and then they learn this isn’t the case at all.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Some crossbows are far more powerful than others, which means you would have a much easier time killing targets when hunting or getting off really good shots. These are the crossbows that tend to cost a lot of money.
  • Some crossbows are made by companies that take what they do very seriously and they have worked hard to make a name for themselves. These are companies that have to hold themselves to a certain standards because this is what their customers have come to expect of them.
  • Some crossbows will are simple to use while others are more complex. While there are some hunters or target shooters who like complexity this certainly isn’t something all people are going to like. Simplicity equals speed. This is what people want. Some crossbows just don’t have that.
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Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package

I was also looking for something I wouldn’t have to be a genius in order to put together. The Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package seemed like the perfect fit, and this is why I chose it. When I first got this I wasn’t overwhelmed at all. What I read online was exactly what I ended up getting.

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package


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There is really nothing at all I could think of to change with this. There is a scope that comes with it and it seems very adequate. Occasionally I have bumped and the accuracy is still pretty good.

With the Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package you will have no trouble carrying it around. It’s very light. Not only this, but it can go on the shoulder very easily. Assembly was very easy as previously mentioned. I like the fact that this crossbow is very accurate. I tested it out by shooting off at 40 yards.

I found you can actually mess up previously fired bolts if I aim right at them. This is a really fast crossbow, and at long distances you can hit targets really good.

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Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package, 175-Pound

How many of you out there are serious about hunting or other recreational activities that involve the use of a crossbow? You know how important it is for you to have something that’s going to be reliable right?

Well when you look at a lot of the options out there they seem way too complex to use and this ends up hurting people’s ability to focus. Sure, they might work well for some, but not for all. What people need is an option that will make them a better shooter no matter how much or how little previous experience they have.

Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package, 175-Pound

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The Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package is made to do just that. When I purchased this crossbow I didn’t get it simply because I was impressed by the name like some people do. I purchased it because I knew it would help me have an easier time hunting.

The targets I got for are very quick and elusive. I have to be very sharp and fast. I can’t have something that’s slow or too complex. When I’m ready to shoot I’m ready to shoot. This is what leads to some good captures.

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Wicked Ridge Invader HP Premium Crossbow Package, 180-Pound

I’m an avid hunter and I need a crossbow that will not hinder me in any way. The crossbow I had was inferior and despite the fact that I’m pretty accurate when it comes to shooting crossbows it was beginning to hurt me. So I decided to get something different. Something I felt would not only be good, but would actually make me better.

Wicked Ridge Invader HP Premium Crossbow Package, 180-Pound

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The Wicked Ridge Invader HP Premium Crossbow Package seemed like a good option, but I needed to know more before I made the investment.

Now this particular crossbow wasn’t the only one I was looking at online. I was actually looking at several. I have invested a lot of time into researching different crossbows, because I want to be sure I’m getting something I’ll like. One main theme I kept coming across for a lot of fancy crossbows was how expensive they all were.

I’m talking about well over one thousand dollars for some of them. This price might be worth it to some people, but certainly not me.

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