Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package, 175-Pound

How many of you out there are serious about hunting or other recreational activities that involve the use of a crossbow? You know how important it is for you to have something that’s going to be reliable right?

Well when you look at a lot of the options out there they seem way too complex to use and this ends up hurting people’s ability to focus. Sure, they might work well for some, but not for all. What people need is an option that will make them a better shooter no matter how much or how little previous experience they have.

Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package, 175-Pound

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The Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package is made to do just that. When I purchased this crossbow I didn’t get it simply because I was impressed by the name like some people do. I purchased it because I knew it would help me have an easier time hunting.

The targets I got for are very quick and elusive. I have to be very sharp and fast. I can’t have something that’s slow or too complex. When I’m ready to shoot I’m ready to shoot. This is what leads to some good captures.

The Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package certainly helps me in this area. It’s made to be very fast as well as accurate. This is going to work well for those people who might have trouble hitting the mark the way they want. This crossbow is going to increase your level of accuracy believe me.

It doesn’t stop there though. One thing I really liked about this crossbow was that it’s made for long periods of use. Other options become difficult to handle because the handle is not ergonomically sound.

That won’t be a problem here. This crossbow has very good ergonomics and trigger. Now I’m not speaking as someone who has never used a crossbow before. I’m actually quite well versed. This is actually by fourth crossbow. If you want to know why I end up getting rid of the others it’s usually because they begin to hinder my ability.

In some cases they are made cheaply and just begin to fall apart. Sure I could take them to a repair shop, but the cost would be very high and I find it’s just not worth it.

I can honestly say that out of all the crossbows I’ve had, the Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package is hands down the best. There is only one tiny little issue I have with it that may or may not be an issue for others.

The safety is a bit loud. This can be a problem when you are trying to hunt deer, because they detect sounds very easy. I haven’t run into issues yet, but this might be because I tend to turn off the safety very carefully. You can do the same.

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Product specifications and features

  • 175 lb. HL limbs
  • Smooth performance and power
  • 84 lbs. of kinetic energy
  • Draw weight: 175 lb.
  • Arrow speed: up to 300 fps
  • Stock Length: 38″
  • Width: 25.25″
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Scope
  • Wicked Ridge instant detach quiver
  • Three Wicked Ridge aluminum arrows (for 3x Multi-Line Scope only)
  • Sling (for 3x Multi-Line Scope only)


The Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package is very lightweight and you should have no issues carrying it around. It’s quiet, but keep in mind what I mentioned earlier. The multi line scope is pretty solid. It’s a very accurate crossbow and you will not have any problems getting it put together. The safety features are quite good as well. Installing a cocking device will not be a problem and it comes with a nice sling quiver.

A good buy overall and it comes with a good warranty. I advise people to do their own research just to make sure this is the right crossbow for them though.

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